Senior Exhibition of Mastery

Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology

Exhibition Proposal

Student Name: Breah Harris                                                                                                                                          Major Web and Digital Communications


A Card for all Occasions


Description of Exhibition: For my Senior Exhibition of Mastery, I will create a portfolio of different types of designed cards. My final portfolio will be of the best cards I design. My research topic will focus on landscape photography.I can include works of photography into the cards I design. I am going to intern at ….. to help me more understand the ways designing and learn more with designing. I will learn and get better at lightroom, photoshop and Illustrator. I will learn more about editing a photo and making changes to it. I will learn more about designing and bettering myself at positing items and words on things I do design.


Rationale for Choosing This Exhibition: I chose to do this exhibition because at first photography is what I was most interested in in our web design class and landscape is my favorite type of photography to take. I then learned that I really like designing cards. I realized that last year when designing the Holiday cards and then this year I decided that is what I would rather spend my time on in class doing. It is important to me because in the future it would be nice to know that if I ever want to take it a step further, I can. Our major has to do with photography and online design so it goes with it, and it benefits me by helping me learn more about it then I would have known before. It contributes to my personal growth by showing what I knew, what i learned and teaches me more.




I wrote out my description of exhibition and my Rationale for Exhibition for my Senior mastery.


I got books from the library to start my research for my research topic. I got two books to start with about landscape photography. I did not get to start any shoots this month because I had a busy September with academic work and actual work after school and on weekends. I did two of my annotated bibliographies on the books I got from the library this month. I entered the state fair with the photograph I used last year for the Art Fields show case because I hadn't had time to do anything new.  


I got to do some field experiences when I went on a photoshoot to the cemetery and took pictures for the school for Halloween. I finished my two annotated bibliographies for this month also with two online sources I found. I finished all my other work that does not have to do with my senior mastery to stay on task this school year.


I decided to change my mastery this month. I was working on the holiday cards due in the beginning of December and decided that is what I find more fun than the photography mastery I was doing at first. I have applied to the two colleges I hope to get accepted into and I am working on my PACE classes coursework. I finished my 2 other annotated bibliographies this month on two more online sources I found of photographers. I worked on my Micrography for a few days and at first it was really not turning out right but by the end I really liked it and was happy with the way it turned out.


I worked on my holiday cards. I decided to change my mastery this month into making cards because of how much I enjoyed working on the holiday cards this year and last year. I worked on my two annotated bibliographies that are due this month.


This month I worked on figuring out who I was going to intern with and getting all my papers turned in that are due for that. I started interning with The Printing Port. I started working on the cards I will be showing that I created for my mastery. I finished my annotated bibliographies that are dye this month. I came up with an idea of what to do for my portfolio cover this month.


I worked on more of my cards this month. I also had to work on my annotated bibliographies that are due each month. I got my infographic turned in that was due this month for a grade also. I will add the infographic to my website for the end of the year.


I worked on more of my cards this month. I am starting to get my website, and other things finished that I need done for my mastery and presentation. I finished the last of my annotated bibliographies that are due. I finished my portfolio cover and have it ready for when all of my work is done and ready for my presentation.


I am beginning to finish my website along with finishing the rest of my cards for my mastery. I am making all my links and sites for my website. I am finishing up all my hours at my internship this month also

Competencies Addressed:

21st century skills:

Creativity -

I used creativity when designing my cards. I had to come up with over 20 ideas to pick from and choose which cards I felt were the best designs altogether. I also had to use this when designing my portfolio cover. 

Professionalism -

I used professionalism when having to find my internship, and how I contacted companies to ask them to take me on as a intern. I also used professionalism when making my website, and also when giving out my senior mastery presentation invitations.  

Technology Operations and Concepts -

i used technology operations and concepts because when designing all the cards that I designed I used my adobe applications. I had to understand how to use this to design the things I wanted too. 

Web and Digital Communications:

Complete a portfolio of 12-15 professional pieces -

I completed 10-12 professional pieces which were the cards I designed. I ended up designing almost 18 cards altogether but went with the ones I liked the most. They were edited and designed to be a part of my professional portfolio. 

Complete a minimum of 60 hours on the job site -

I have complete a minimum of 60 hour and more at the printing port I interned at. I have spent that time bettering myself and learning new things to help me with my mastery and my skills as a designer. 

Identify careers in the field of Digital Communications

There are a few different fields that I have worked with in digital communications. One is editing on photoshop and illustrator so it is image editing. Photography is another job field of digital communications which is my main focus this year.