DC 9/29/17

This week I spent my week working on my research and my bibliography’s that were due at the end of the week. I used the whole week to read through the book I got for one of my annotated bibs and also went online to find another source to use for my my second annotated bibs. I actually learned a lot of new things for my photography and I know that the annotated bibs are for our research and not directly for our senior master presentation but I did learn a lot more that i believe will definitely help me to improve my mastery. I did not work on much actual stuff for my senior mastery but I did learn a few people i may be able to intern with and that is one thing that I did need to find out soon because I can not actually do much until i have more tips and help in creating my landscape photography. I looked into some photography clubs Mrs. D sent me and i think once i get started in them that is going to help me a lot also. I am just trying to do all I can to help me improve my skills and learn new things for the year that are going to help me with classwork, research and my senior mastery as a whole. For the breast cancer thing we are doing for the door, I did not individually come up with any great ideas but the idea that the whole class is trying to do sounds like it will be a good one. We are turning facebook into something that has to do with breast cancer and people that are dealing with breast cancer. We are trying to win for sure and I hope we do because I mean we are DC so other than art we should have a pretty good chance.