DC 9/22/17

The SCHAC logo is due October 6th. I have not came up with a set idea for it but I have a few things I know I want to have in it so I at least already have some things designed. I have the way i want the words “South Carolina” and “Human Affairs Commission” designed and I am planning on using the South Carolina state design on there. I just don’t know what else to add to it because it will be so plain if I did not add more. Designing logos is one of the things I like the most about working on illustrator. I like being able to design things and I actually just learned how to use the pen trace stuff which i did not know at all last year so that is going to be honestly so helpful now that I know i can use that tool to design things.This week I have been piled with work so I probably have not worked on as much as I should have for my senior mastery but I have been looking through the research books I got at the library to start getting ready for the annotated bibs that are due next week. I have been looking for who to intern with. I know there is a lot of places to intern at but i specifically want a photographer that specializes in landscape photography so that i get the best experience and learning for my senior mastery. I have not went out and took any pictures yet but I am going to set up dates to go out each month from now on so that I can start getting shots to work on to add into my portfolio for my senior mastery. I know that i need to start working on my senior mastery more during the week than i did this week, if I want to be prepared and do well on it.