DC 9/18/17

This week for my senior mastery I worked on the outline of my timeline and do my competencies. I ended up having to go back and redo them but other than that I am glad i got them done and out of the way. I know I will have to go back in later and actually finish my timeline but I am glad I at least got the outline done. My senior year is going pretty good so far. I mean I have decent grades even though I would like to bring them up just a little bit more I like that I get out early on Fridays. The only thing I do not really like is the fact that Tuesdays and Thursday I have to stay all day and this year it just feels so long. And also the work is a lot. The college classes I am taking are a lot different from high school classes because they don’t tell you or remind you when work is due, so I have to keep up with it on my own. I am having to balance school and homework with also my swimming so I have swim practice every Monday through Thursday at 6 am before school then come to school  and do my work and them homework after school. I work Friday nights until 1 am and then have swim meets every Saturday mornings at around 6 am too that last until about 1 in the afternoon. I like working because I need money and I mean I only work one day a week so I need it but the swim meets the next morning make it difficult. But it only lasts for about 2 more weeks so I know i can get through it and I want to finish my last year on the swim too and have a chance of a scholarship for that.