DC 4/13/18

This week I interned 3 days because I came to school Monday to finish my annotated bibs and then left for my internship after. I worked on my portfolio cover and my invitations. They were both due this week and I made sure I got them done so it would not affect my grade like some things did last quarter when I was interning and forgetting to turn things in. Like most weeks my intern is pretty much the same now. I have learned how to use and how most of the machines at the printing port work. Sometimes they let me help and run them and sometimes they let me watch just to observe and understand something new. It is pretty funny how I used to feel like my internship was boring but now it is kind of cool to go. I will actually miss learning new things if I am being honest. I have learned about Muse a lot because I started using muse on the computer my mom bought me so I can publish my website through paying for adobe muse which also means I get to work on my website at home if I can not be at school when things are due. I like designing my website on muse because it is much easier than dreamweaver which is what I used last year. it is pretty and I feel like it mirrors who I am a lot. My sprint break honestly was not great. This spring break was probably the worst one I have had. I worked two jobs, one morning and one afternoon every day during spring break while my best friend went to Florida and was too tired every night from working I could not do anything. The only upside about my spring break was the money I made during it.