DC 3/9/18

This week i did not really get a chance to work much on my senior mastery because I interned Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I was out of school Friday so the only day I was there was Tuesday and I was working on other things that I needed to get caught up on. I really need to work on more cards for my mastery, my portfolio cover, and then of course my website that needs to be uploaded to present my mastery. As usual I just get tossed around everywhere at my internship. I sometimes stay in this small room and help run two machines that I cant even pronounce their names. One is a new envelope machine, and the other is the digital machine for all their printing work. I sometimes stay inside with the precut room instead of working on all the machines and help them cut. And sometimes they just show me around and let me watch them run something so that I can learn how to do it on my own. I like that I am not just doing one thing there but that I am learning how to do everyones job that works there. The most useful thing I have learned from almost all of my research are all the new things about landscape photography that I did not know before. I have always liked taking pictures of just natural things outside but I did not know all the techniques, the ways, or even the best cameras, or lenses to use for that type of photography. My logo and page layout are designed on my website. I need to add more to each of the pages though.