DC 2/9/18

This week I worked on my website for the progress check that is due next Wednesday. I looked through all my cards this week too because I put the ones I like the best on my website in the portfolio tab. This week at my internship I learned how to run multiple machines and soon enough I will probably be running these machines on my own as part of my intern work. I was shadowing people and seeing what each person at the company does but now that I have seen, I am learning how to do what they do on my own. It is pretty neat because I feel that by the time I leave my internship that I could apply for any of the jobs there because I will have learnt how to do everything already. I have not yet decided what I want to enter into Art Fields. I always do photography but I have not really went out and taken anything good or new this year because I was focusing on my cards for my mastery instead of the photography idea I had in the beginning. I am thinking one day this weekend I am going to go out and just take a bunch of pictures and then come in Monday and look through them and pick form those. I know if I just take a whole bunch that I will find something I like. I am really excited for Valentines Day because My boyfriend and I booked our tickets to the movies early so we are going Wednesday at 4:20 because he has to work 7 and I offered to go in and take my friends shift since he was going to be at work Valentines night. So I still get to enjoy Valentines Day and make some money.