DC 2/23/18

Inside school I have been working on my website that everything in my mastery is going to be uploaded too. We will use these websites when we present our senior masteries so it needs to look good, work good, and be professional. I started on mine a few weeks ago, and I am using muse. I like it a lot because it was really easy for me to get the hang of and I like that. At my internship I am always doing something different each day. I am always being moved around so that I can learn new things, and how to use each machine that is in there. At first I was a little weird about my internship but it is not as bad as I originally felt about it. I am getting a lot of hours so I really like that. I may not need to out down so many research and other hours because I think I am going to have enough at my internship. For the B & C art show I wanted to go out and take new photography so that I could have something new to put in it but it didn’t happen because I had just been so busy so I ended up going with an old piece that I did not enter last year. When I started on my website a few weeks ago, I went ahead and added my home, portfolio, about, and contact page. I added tabs for each page on each page so i could maneuver back and forth on the pages. I went ahead and started organizing and adding my work to the portfolio page but on the other pages I just was not sure what I wanted to go on each so that is something that I have to continue working on.