DC 2/2/18

This week I worked on my infographic because it is due on the 7th. I ended up deciding to do it for my moms work. She works for a nursing agency so I found a lot of information on it. I feel that it turned out pretty good. I sent it to my mom for her to see and she really liked it. I have been coming up with ideas for my cards for my mastery. I need to start designing more. I have a decent amount but there are so many holiday ones and I need more variety. I figured out what I wanted to do for my portfolio cover though and I am excited to see how it is going to look in 3D and in the end. I have started learning how to work the machines at my internship. I have worked with this thing called a binder where the printing place has a book that they are making for one of their clients and they run the book through the binder to bind it together where you can write things on the bind of the book instead of it just being flat. I also learned how to use this other machine and I can not remember the name of it but it is where you put these big sheets of paper of about 300 on it and it straightens the papers out and makes sure they are even so that you can move them over to the cutting machine. I watched the machine that outs like the little wholes in the papers that hotels give you to put in your car when you are staying there. Theres not much to do for that machine but watch and its pretty boring but its neat to know how its made. I learned a decent amount of stuff from my bibs this week. I really enjoyed the websites I used for my bibs. All in all it has been a pretty decent week.