DC 2/16/18

This week I mainly have worked on my piece for the B&C Art Show. I have also been working on my website. I had been using Muse but that was not working right for some reason so I am trying to use wordpress now. I finally figured out how to customize it so I am hoping I can get it figured out and working right. I am always doing and learning new things at my internship. I am working on different machines or helping in the office. I never just sit there all day long doing only one thing. That is one thing I like so much about it. At first I did not like it as much because I was a little bored but once I started figuring out how to do things on my own it got a lot better. I have learned a few new things on the web. I have been looking for different sites to do my website on so I have seen a few different things. I just started wordpress which is a website maker that is all online so I am sure I will learn a few things throughout making my website. The fact that the quarter is ending has me very stressed out. My grades are not where I want them to do and it is making me feel very bad. I am not used to having such a low grade and now I need to get it fixed before Friday. I plan on keeping my grades up, and doing better for the rest of my senior year because I do not like being this stressed over my classes.