DC 12/15/17

I worked on a new card for my typography this week. I created a card and used my typography projects wording as the cover of the card I created. I still have to find a place to intern at. I had wanted to intern with someone who did photography when I was doing my photography mastery but now that I have changed it I want to change the type of person to intern with. I have not been able to find anyone that does things like making cards to intern with but I may just find an graphic designer and do it with them instead. I am hoping to find someone soon so that I can start as soon as possible because I do not want to get stuck not having enough hours. My all time favorite design is probably one of my christmas cards I designed. This green one that says “Cheers” on it. I just like the way it turned out and I was really happy and proud of it honestly. Truthfully I do not really follow any graphic designers, artists, or photographers so I would not be able to name who my favorite one is. I see photography on social media but I never really pay attention to who the person is that is doing it or posting it. This week I actually learned this new thing in photoshop. I never use photoshop but I wanted to design a card and then have it printed out with some wording on the inside for me to be able to give out so I did that. I learned how to create the layer in photoshop and add the words and have it printed out on the other side so to make the card have the cover page and also wording of my own on the inside.