DC 11/17/17

For my senior mastery I did not work on much because I spent most of my time working on the micrography that I needed to get done this week. I was a little behind most people so I was trying to get caught up on all the work I had missed when I missed school. I finally finished my Micrography and it actually turned out really good. I used a picture of this black and white girl and used songs from my favorite singer and filled it in on illustrator and then I got help and got it shaded on photoshop and that was so helpful. It made it pop and actually look pretty professional and really made you able to tell what it was. I was not super happy with this project because I was stressed about it and I was worried that it was not going to look good but it ended up looking great and that made me really happy. My thoughts on compassion and kindness. Im a sensitive person myself and I would never on purpose hurt another person. AAST is completely the opposite of the type of people that I could see treating people bad. This school is 100% different than base school and I notice that all the time. A lot of things that happen here would never happen at a base school and I think that is great that students can come here and be themselves without worrying how other kids view them or what they would say about them. I would never want to go back to a base school and with the types of kids that are there because I like going to a school where you do not see rudeness, fighting or all the drama you see go on at a regular school.