DC 11/10/17

I did my two annotated bibs on two online magazine articles I found. They were really helpful and I honestly learned a lot of new things about Landscape and outdoor photography. I like that I am learning things I want to know and things that are going to help me in the future, It has taken me so long to finish my micrography. I was out Monday and Tuesday so I did not finish this Friday. I had to start over at one point because I did not like the way it looked and I felt that there was not enough shading to do for the face. I changed to this girl that was already black and white and it was cool because It was easy to see what needed to be shaded. The guest speaker from SCAD and CCU was pretty cool. I don’t really have any intentions on applying to SCAD because that is not what I am really interested in but it was neat . I liked when the CCU lady came because it was cool to see what they had available for students here at home. I would kind of like to go to CCU so that I could stay home and near my family but I would not like the program the lady from CCU talked about but maybe asa minor. It would be nice to check out as something to do on the side honestly. My first quarter grades turned out to be pretty good. I liked them besides the fact that they are not turning out to be what I had last year but I am just struggling a lot in Prob and Stats. I will probably start studying more and start going to tutoring after school so I can keep my grade from getting any worse than it already was.