DC 10/6/17

This week I have been working on finishing my Human Affairs Commission logo. I have been looking for new sources for my next bibliography that are coming up due soon. I have been looking more into who I am going to intern with to help me more with my senior mastery. I have also been looking more into these clubs that I can join to better myself at photography. That will help me to have a better looking portfolio for my mastery. I am excited to start getting all my pictures together and start seeing how the portfolio is going to look in the end.  I did not know what part I was going to have in the Breast Cancer Awareness door decoration until I started typing this out because I actually got asked to come help decorate the door as soon as I finish writing this so that is what I am going to do. I know that we are doing something in relation to facebook and going to add in the cancer awareness also. I am excited to do this because I have been seeing the doors around the school and want to see how ours is going to turn out and hopefully we win some place in the whole door contest but if not, it was just a fun thing to do in general. I worked on my Human Affairs Commission thing for over a week, switching my idea countless times because I did not like it, or it was too similar to someone else’s but I finally figured it out and I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I have surprisingly learned a bunch of new things on illustrator this year that people have been showing me and if I knew about these things last year, some of my artwork probably would have come out a lot better than it did but that is one that I am going to be happy to show in my senior mastery.