DC 10/27/17

This week I actually got to go out and take some photos. I actually went on this field trip with the school on halloween to a cemetery which is actually really cool. I got to just wander around and take a bunch of pictures of all the different things that were located in the cemetery. I like that I got to do that because I honestly think I will be able to use some of the pictures I got in my senior mastery portfolio. I ended up making three final Wake Up Carolina posters but only two got put out and while neither one of them got picked I wasn’t upset or anything because I think I did a pretty good job doing my posters and I know I made them look good but there were a bunch of better ones on the table to pick from. I would like to take mine home though honestly because I really thought the posters I did even though they were super simple that they were pretty decent and cool. I think my aunt would love to use one of the ones I made in her elementary class room and I could just take off the Wake Up Carolina part and that be pretty neat to have done by me. I did not participate in spirit week but it was pretty cool to see everyone dress up and look funny and have a good time. I always say I am going to participate but I never end up having time in the morning to do it and I always forget at night before I go to bed so I just ended up giving up on it. I actually really wanted to participate in the fall festival but I ended up having to work so I did not have time to come back up here. I am a little sad that I missed the last year but I am glad everyone had a good time.