DC 10/20/17

I did not get to attend the State Fair trip but I would have really liked to go. I did not get to go because I had to work Friday night and my family already had set up an open house tour at USC. While we were in columbia for the USC tour we planned on going to the state fair before we came home and I was hoping to go and see if my photo got into the state fair. It ended up being too late when we got done and we were all so tired so we just went home and I did not get to see if it was in the State Fair or not. I was honestly really disappointed because I wanted to see really bad. Mrs D. told me she did not see my piece in the state fair anyways but I was not all that sad because I got in last year and that was a good accomplishment for me. I did not try all that hard this year to put something really good in the state fair though. I just picked a photo I liked from last year. I know I could have done a lot better if I had tried more but I did not. This whole week I have been working on my posters for Wake Up Carolina. I ended up making two of them and I plan on working on a third one since we have until Friday to finish them. I feel like i did pretty good on them. The only thing is all the posters and things I do are usually just simple so its never big and bold. That is just my style and the way I do things. I would have been working on my senior mastery more if I had not been occupied with the posters that were due.