DC 4/13/18

This week I interned 3 days because I came to school Monday to finish my annotated bibs and then left for my internship after. I worked on my portfolio cover and my invitations. They were both due this week and I made sure I got them done so it would not affect my grade like some things did last quarter when I was interning and forgetting to turn things in. Like most weeks my intern is pretty much the same now. I have learned how to use and how most of the machines at the printing port work. Sometimes they let me help and run them and sometimes they let me watch just to observe and understand something new. It is pretty funny how I used to feel like my internship was boring but now it is kind of cool to go. I will actually miss learning new things if I am being honest. I have learned about Muse a lot because I started using muse on the computer my mom bought me so I can publish my website through paying for adobe muse which also means I get to work on my website at home if I can not be at school when things are due. I like designing my website on muse because it is much easier than dreamweaver which is what I used last year. it is pretty and I feel like it mirrors who I am a lot. My sprint break honestly was not great. This spring break was probably the worst one I have had. I worked two jobs, one morning and one afternoon every day during spring break while my best friend went to Florida and was too tired every night from working I could not do anything. The only upside about my spring break was the money I made during it.

DC 2/16/18

This week I mainly have worked on my piece for the B&C Art Show. I have also been working on my website. I had been using Muse but that was not working right for some reason so I am trying to use wordpress now. I finally figured out how to customize it so I am hoping I can get it figured out and working right. I am always doing and learning new things at my internship. I am working on different machines or helping in the office. I never just sit there all day long doing only one thing. That is one thing I like so much about it. At first I did not like it as much because I was a little bored but once I started figuring out how to do things on my own it got a lot better. I have learned a few new things on the web. I have been looking for different sites to do my website on so I have seen a few different things. I just started wordpress which is a website maker that is all online so I am sure I will learn a few things throughout making my website. The fact that the quarter is ending has me very stressed out. My grades are not where I want them to do and it is making me feel very bad. I am not used to having such a low grade and now I need to get it fixed before Friday. I plan on keeping my grades up, and doing better for the rest of my senior year because I do not like being this stressed over my classes.

DC 3/9/18

This week i did not really get a chance to work much on my senior mastery because I interned Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I was out of school Friday so the only day I was there was Tuesday and I was working on other things that I needed to get caught up on. I really need to work on more cards for my mastery, my portfolio cover, and then of course my website that needs to be uploaded to present my mastery. As usual I just get tossed around everywhere at my internship. I sometimes stay in this small room and help run two machines that I cant even pronounce their names. One is a new envelope machine, and the other is the digital machine for all their printing work. I sometimes stay inside with the precut room instead of working on all the machines and help them cut. And sometimes they just show me around and let me watch them run something so that I can learn how to do it on my own. I like that I am not just doing one thing there but that I am learning how to do everyones job that works there. The most useful thing I have learned from almost all of my research are all the new things about landscape photography that I did not know before. I have always liked taking pictures of just natural things outside but I did not know all the techniques, the ways, or even the best cameras, or lenses to use for that type of photography. My logo and page layout are designed on my website. I need to add more to each of the pages though.

DC 2/23/18

Inside school I have been working on my website that everything in my mastery is going to be uploaded too. We will use these websites when we present our senior masteries so it needs to look good, work good, and be professional. I started on mine a few weeks ago, and I am using muse. I like it a lot because it was really easy for me to get the hang of and I like that. At my internship I am always doing something different each day. I am always being moved around so that I can learn new things, and how to use each machine that is in there. At first I was a little weird about my internship but it is not as bad as I originally felt about it. I am getting a lot of hours so I really like that. I may not need to out down so many research and other hours because I think I am going to have enough at my internship. For the B & C art show I wanted to go out and take new photography so that I could have something new to put in it but it didn’t happen because I had just been so busy so I ended up going with an old piece that I did not enter last year. When I started on my website a few weeks ago, I went ahead and added my home, portfolio, about, and contact page. I added tabs for each page on each page so i could maneuver back and forth on the pages. I went ahead and started organizing and adding my work to the portfolio page but on the other pages I just was not sure what I wanted to go on each so that is something that I have to continue working on.

DC 2/9/18

This week I worked on my website for the progress check that is due next Wednesday. I looked through all my cards this week too because I put the ones I like the best on my website in the portfolio tab. This week at my internship I learned how to run multiple machines and soon enough I will probably be running these machines on my own as part of my intern work. I was shadowing people and seeing what each person at the company does but now that I have seen, I am learning how to do what they do on my own. It is pretty neat because I feel that by the time I leave my internship that I could apply for any of the jobs there because I will have learnt how to do everything already. I have not yet decided what I want to enter into Art Fields. I always do photography but I have not really went out and taken anything good or new this year because I was focusing on my cards for my mastery instead of the photography idea I had in the beginning. I am thinking one day this weekend I am going to go out and just take a bunch of pictures and then come in Monday and look through them and pick form those. I know if I just take a whole bunch that I will find something I like. I am really excited for Valentines Day because My boyfriend and I booked our tickets to the movies early so we are going Wednesday at 4:20 because he has to work 7 and I offered to go in and take my friends shift since he was going to be at work Valentines night. So I still get to enjoy Valentines Day and make some money.

DC 2/2/18

This week I worked on my infographic because it is due on the 7th. I ended up deciding to do it for my moms work. She works for a nursing agency so I found a lot of information on it. I feel that it turned out pretty good. I sent it to my mom for her to see and she really liked it. I have been coming up with ideas for my cards for my mastery. I need to start designing more. I have a decent amount but there are so many holiday ones and I need more variety. I figured out what I wanted to do for my portfolio cover though and I am excited to see how it is going to look in 3D and in the end. I have started learning how to work the machines at my internship. I have worked with this thing called a binder where the printing place has a book that they are making for one of their clients and they run the book through the binder to bind it together where you can write things on the bind of the book instead of it just being flat. I also learned how to use this other machine and I can not remember the name of it but it is where you put these big sheets of paper of about 300 on it and it straightens the papers out and makes sure they are even so that you can move them over to the cutting machine. I watched the machine that outs like the little wholes in the papers that hotels give you to put in your car when you are staying there. Theres not much to do for that machine but watch and its pretty boring but its neat to know how its made. I learned a decent amount of stuff from my bibs this week. I really enjoyed the websites I used for my bibs. All in all it has been a pretty decent week.

DC 1/26/18

My first semester grades were okay but not what I really wanted them to be. My grade in this class was great but my prob and stats grade really needed and cold have been better. I was taking three pace classes with horry georgetown and I had a B and two C’s and I was really upset about the C’s but those classes I really tried and had a hard time in. I have been working on ideas for the infographic along with my cover portfolio for my senior mastery. I actually started thinking about what I am going to do for my website this year. I have some really good ideas and I actually sort of enjoyed making my website last year before everything got deleted. I started my internship this week. I went Monday and Wednesday. I got to see the printing side of what graphic designers make. I have helped cut proofs, and learned how to run a machine called the zxeox or something like that. I don’t really enjoy the printing side but I guess it is good to learn that side.I know that if I really don’t like it that I could probably look and search for a different place to intern but I have decided I am not going to do that. I would feel bad leaving them like that. I am sure what I am learning will be helpful in the future sometime.I still have not figured out what I want to do for my infographic. I have Illustrator up with the right measurements for it but I just cant think of anything I want to do. I will figure it out soon. I will probably google and research something to do next week.

DC 12/15/17

I worked on a new card for my typography this week. I created a card and used my typography projects wording as the cover of the card I created. I still have to find a place to intern at. I had wanted to intern with someone who did photography when I was doing my photography mastery but now that I have changed it I want to change the type of person to intern with. I have not been able to find anyone that does things like making cards to intern with but I may just find an graphic designer and do it with them instead. I am hoping to find someone soon so that I can start as soon as possible because I do not want to get stuck not having enough hours. My all time favorite design is probably one of my christmas cards I designed. This green one that says “Cheers” on it. I just like the way it turned out and I was really happy and proud of it honestly. Truthfully I do not really follow any graphic designers, artists, or photographers so I would not be able to name who my favorite one is. I see photography on social media but I never really pay attention to who the person is that is doing it or posting it. This week I actually learned this new thing in photoshop. I never use photoshop but I wanted to design a card and then have it printed out with some wording on the inside for me to be able to give out so I did that. I learned how to create the layer in photoshop and add the words and have it printed out on the other side so to make the card have the cover page and also wording of my own on the inside.

DC 12/8/17

This week I worked on changing my mastery to the card making thing instead of the landscape photography thing I was planning to do. I worked on some more cards and finished making my christmas card changes. I really need to figure my internship information out. I had wanted to intern with a photographer for extra help on my mastery but now that I have changed my mastery I would like to intern with someone or a company that is similar to what I am doing with my cards now. I want to do that because I want to be able to make sure I am learning new things and bettering myself at making these cards so that in my mastery I can show that. Im guessing I will continue looking for someone who does graphic design to intern with but I was also looking for a company around here who maybe makes their own cards and sells them but I have not found many. I found one and emailed them last week and have not heard back yet. I have not chosen a quote for my final yet but right after I finish this blog I am going to go and pick one out and probably get started on my final so that I can just go ahead and get it out of the way. I have never really worked on a typography but it does not seem like it will be too hard. I feel like this is something I will probably enjoy working on.  This Friday I missed school to go visit Columbia College and it was great. I have had my heart set on going to USC for over a year now because I wanted to major there in speech pathology and Columbia College does not have the graduate program for that major but after visiting Columbia I decided that is the school I want to go to. I want to go there and then I can transfer to a graduate school later but I think that is something I learned. I learned that a big school is not the best choice for me. I like where I do not just feel like a number to people.

DC 12/1/17

Well this week I worked on the two annotated bibs that were due yesterday. I have not done too much with my photography senior mastery. I actually just decided to change my mastery this morning. I liked doing the holiday cards last year so Mrs. D suggested that I do more with cards this year so I decided to change my mastery to making all different kind of cards. I really think I will enjoy doing this and it will make my senior mastery fun. I had a great thanksgiving. It was a little different this year. My dad, brother and I usually go to our home town for thanksgiving and visit our families while my mom stays here with her sister and her dad but this year we decided to stay here and spend thanksgiving with them for a change. I missed seeing my other family but I was glad my mom was happy she got to spend this holiday with us for a change. We had a bunch of food. The day after Thanksgiving we all went up to spencer North Carolina for the Polar Express Train ride they have there for my brothers birthday. Then Saturday I went shopping with my mom for Black Friday sales. Overall it was a good holiday. I made three holiday cards. I liked the designs I chose to do this year. I had a great time doing them. That is obvious by the fact that I decided to change my mastery to doing different types of cards. I wrote two cards to the veterans about how appreciative I am for all that they have done and wished them a happy holiday. I learned this week that I need to not procrastinate this week because I did all of my work ahead of time mostly and it was so much easier and less stressful not having to rush to get everything done.

DC 11/17/17

For my senior mastery I did not work on much because I spent most of my time working on the micrography that I needed to get done this week. I was a little behind most people so I was trying to get caught up on all the work I had missed when I missed school. I finally finished my Micrography and it actually turned out really good. I used a picture of this black and white girl and used songs from my favorite singer and filled it in on illustrator and then I got help and got it shaded on photoshop and that was so helpful. It made it pop and actually look pretty professional and really made you able to tell what it was. I was not super happy with this project because I was stressed about it and I was worried that it was not going to look good but it ended up looking great and that made me really happy. My thoughts on compassion and kindness. Im a sensitive person myself and I would never on purpose hurt another person. AAST is completely the opposite of the type of people that I could see treating people bad. This school is 100% different than base school and I notice that all the time. A lot of things that happen here would never happen at a base school and I think that is great that students can come here and be themselves without worrying how other kids view them or what they would say about them. I would never want to go back to a base school and with the types of kids that are there because I like going to a school where you do not see rudeness, fighting or all the drama you see go on at a regular school.

DC 11/10/17

I did my two annotated bibs on two online magazine articles I found. They were really helpful and I honestly learned a lot of new things about Landscape and outdoor photography. I like that I am learning things I want to know and things that are going to help me in the future, It has taken me so long to finish my micrography. I was out Monday and Tuesday so I did not finish this Friday. I had to start over at one point because I did not like the way it looked and I felt that there was not enough shading to do for the face. I changed to this girl that was already black and white and it was cool because It was easy to see what needed to be shaded. The guest speaker from SCAD and CCU was pretty cool. I don’t really have any intentions on applying to SCAD because that is not what I am really interested in but it was neat . I liked when the CCU lady came because it was cool to see what they had available for students here at home. I would kind of like to go to CCU so that I could stay home and near my family but I would not like the program the lady from CCU talked about but maybe asa minor. It would be nice to check out as something to do on the side honestly. My first quarter grades turned out to be pretty good. I liked them besides the fact that they are not turning out to be what I had last year but I am just struggling a lot in Prob and Stats. I will probably start studying more and start going to tutoring after school so I can keep my grade from getting any worse than it already was.

DC 10/27/17

This week I actually got to go out and take some photos. I actually went on this field trip with the school on halloween to a cemetery which is actually really cool. I got to just wander around and take a bunch of pictures of all the different things that were located in the cemetery. I like that I got to do that because I honestly think I will be able to use some of the pictures I got in my senior mastery portfolio. I ended up making three final Wake Up Carolina posters but only two got put out and while neither one of them got picked I wasn’t upset or anything because I think I did a pretty good job doing my posters and I know I made them look good but there were a bunch of better ones on the table to pick from. I would like to take mine home though honestly because I really thought the posters I did even though they were super simple that they were pretty decent and cool. I think my aunt would love to use one of the ones I made in her elementary class room and I could just take off the Wake Up Carolina part and that be pretty neat to have done by me. I did not participate in spirit week but it was pretty cool to see everyone dress up and look funny and have a good time. I always say I am going to participate but I never end up having time in the morning to do it and I always forget at night before I go to bed so I just ended up giving up on it. I actually really wanted to participate in the fall festival but I ended up having to work so I did not have time to come back up here. I am a little sad that I missed the last year but I am glad everyone had a good time.

DC 10/20/17

I did not get to attend the State Fair trip but I would have really liked to go. I did not get to go because I had to work Friday night and my family already had set up an open house tour at USC. While we were in columbia for the USC tour we planned on going to the state fair before we came home and I was hoping to go and see if my photo got into the state fair. It ended up being too late when we got done and we were all so tired so we just went home and I did not get to see if it was in the State Fair or not. I was honestly really disappointed because I wanted to see really bad. Mrs D. told me she did not see my piece in the state fair anyways but I was not all that sad because I got in last year and that was a good accomplishment for me. I did not try all that hard this year to put something really good in the state fair though. I just picked a photo I liked from last year. I know I could have done a lot better if I had tried more but I did not. This whole week I have been working on my posters for Wake Up Carolina. I ended up making two of them and I plan on working on a third one since we have until Friday to finish them. I feel like i did pretty good on them. The only thing is all the posters and things I do are usually just simple so its never big and bold. That is just my style and the way I do things. I would have been working on my senior mastery more if I had not been occupied with the posters that were due.

DC 10/6/17

This week I have been working on finishing my Human Affairs Commission logo. I have been looking for new sources for my next bibliography that are coming up due soon. I have been looking more into who I am going to intern with to help me more with my senior mastery. I have also been looking more into these clubs that I can join to better myself at photography. That will help me to have a better looking portfolio for my mastery. I am excited to start getting all my pictures together and start seeing how the portfolio is going to look in the end.  I did not know what part I was going to have in the Breast Cancer Awareness door decoration until I started typing this out because I actually got asked to come help decorate the door as soon as I finish writing this so that is what I am going to do. I know that we are doing something in relation to facebook and going to add in the cancer awareness also. I am excited to do this because I have been seeing the doors around the school and want to see how ours is going to turn out and hopefully we win some place in the whole door contest but if not, it was just a fun thing to do in general. I worked on my Human Affairs Commission thing for over a week, switching my idea countless times because I did not like it, or it was too similar to someone else’s but I finally figured it out and I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I have surprisingly learned a bunch of new things on illustrator this year that people have been showing me and if I knew about these things last year, some of my artwork probably would have come out a lot better than it did but that is one that I am going to be happy to show in my senior mastery.

DC 9/29/17

This week I spent my week working on my research and my bibliography’s that were due at the end of the week. I used the whole week to read through the book I got for one of my annotated bibs and also went online to find another source to use for my my second annotated bibs. I actually learned a lot of new things for my photography and I know that the annotated bibs are for our research and not directly for our senior master presentation but I did learn a lot more that i believe will definitely help me to improve my mastery. I did not work on much actual stuff for my senior mastery but I did learn a few people i may be able to intern with and that is one thing that I did need to find out soon because I can not actually do much until i have more tips and help in creating my landscape photography. I looked into some photography clubs Mrs. D sent me and i think once i get started in them that is going to help me a lot also. I am just trying to do all I can to help me improve my skills and learn new things for the year that are going to help me with classwork, research and my senior mastery as a whole. For the breast cancer thing we are doing for the door, I did not individually come up with any great ideas but the idea that the whole class is trying to do sounds like it will be a good one. We are turning facebook into something that has to do with breast cancer and people that are dealing with breast cancer. We are trying to win for sure and I hope we do because I mean we are DC so other than art we should have a pretty good chance.

DC 9/22/17

The SCHAC logo is due October 6th. I have not came up with a set idea for it but I have a few things I know I want to have in it so I at least already have some things designed. I have the way i want the words “South Carolina” and “Human Affairs Commission” designed and I am planning on using the South Carolina state design on there. I just don’t know what else to add to it because it will be so plain if I did not add more. Designing logos is one of the things I like the most about working on illustrator. I like being able to design things and I actually just learned how to use the pen trace stuff which i did not know at all last year so that is going to be honestly so helpful now that I know i can use that tool to design things.This week I have been piled with work so I probably have not worked on as much as I should have for my senior mastery but I have been looking through the research books I got at the library to start getting ready for the annotated bibs that are due next week. I have been looking for who to intern with. I know there is a lot of places to intern at but i specifically want a photographer that specializes in landscape photography so that i get the best experience and learning for my senior mastery. I have not went out and took any pictures yet but I am going to set up dates to go out each month from now on so that I can start getting shots to work on to add into my portfolio for my senior mastery. I know that i need to start working on my senior mastery more during the week than i did this week, if I want to be prepared and do well on it.

DC 9/18/17

This week for my senior mastery I worked on the outline of my timeline and do my competencies. I ended up having to go back and redo them but other than that I am glad i got them done and out of the way. I know I will have to go back in later and actually finish my timeline but I am glad I at least got the outline done. My senior year is going pretty good so far. I mean I have decent grades even though I would like to bring them up just a little bit more I like that I get out early on Fridays. The only thing I do not really like is the fact that Tuesdays and Thursday I have to stay all day and this year it just feels so long. And also the work is a lot. The college classes I am taking are a lot different from high school classes because they don’t tell you or remind you when work is due, so I have to keep up with it on my own. I am having to balance school and homework with also my swimming so I have swim practice every Monday through Thursday at 6 am before school then come to school  and do my work and them homework after school. I work Friday nights until 1 am and then have swim meets every Saturday mornings at around 6 am too that last until about 1 in the afternoon. I like working because I need money and I mean I only work one day a week so I need it but the swim meets the next morning make it difficult. But it only lasts for about 2 more weeks so I know i can get through it and I want to finish my last year on the swim too and have a chance of a scholarship for that.

DC 9/12/17

It seems like since school started it has gone by fast and the work has just kept on coming and coming. I am taking two regular classes this semester which are obviously Digital Communications and I am taking probability and stats honors because I did not want to have to take precalculus next semester. I am also taking 3 pace classes al9one with my regular classes, English 101, Sociology, and psychology. English 101 is on Mondays and Wednesdays, and sociology and psychology are on Tuesdays and Thursdays which leave my Fridays with only two classes so I am definitely happy about that. So all together I am taking 5 classes this semester so I feel like I have a lot on my plate but I am still glad I am taking so much because I know it will look good on my college applications. Now that I am a senior I honestly just want to get it over with. Everyone says senior year is supposed to be the easiest year but for me it kind of seems like the hardest. Everyone always says at the end of the year you do not want to end because it is sad and you miss it but I don’t think that is going to be the case for me. I just want to get all my work done and get out as soon as possible because it is exciting to finally get to see what I am gong to move onto and if I will make what I want to out of myself if that makes sense. We visited the library Thursday I think and that is probably the only time I have ever even set down in there or looked at the books since I first started coming to this school. I found a few books to check out that seem good for my research topic but also to help me with my mastery.